Stella Baraklianou

Simple Flowers

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Online publication of project titled

Simple Flowers 

For the online showcase on Gold Circle   

Gold Circle brings together a curated selection of artworks that are predominately photographic, without being limited to a single medium. Its aim is to research, showcase and promote visual culture in the UK and internationally. Alongside curated showcases, the Exhibitions page features selected photography and visual art shows from around the world. Curated by Marina Syrmakezi

With a specially commissioned text by guest curator Vassilios Doupas:

​There is something historically and culturally loaded about the flower in art: from purity and innocence to desire and death, the imagery of flowers has been a powerful metaphor for many artists. In the case of Stella Baraklianou, her photographs of bouquets and floral arrangements are more than a depiction of or a comment on beauty in a media-saturated world. Her pictures add sparkle to our technologically advanced and homogenous existence, but they also undermine this homogeneity, through claiming a space between the artificiality of the constructed image and the hyperbole of its re-enactment.


Simple Flowers, ,C-type digital prints, dimensions variable


Purple Clematis, 2021 Purple Clematis, 2 Cream Roses in pint glass Arrangement of roses long dish Arrangement of roses (missing) long dish Arrangement of roses in rectangular dish Arrangement of roses in rectangular dish, (reverse) Red Roses, 2021 Red Roses, gold, 2021

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