Stella Baraklianou

Biennale of Contemporary Ceramics BCK


Biennale of Contemporary Keramics

7th June - 26th October, Santorini, Greece

Title of works: Saffron Goddess

The new ceramic works proposed for the BCK take as inspiration the figures, images and colours of the Saffron Gatherers. Imagine you were there, three thousand years ago. What would the female goddess give you if you were to make an offering of saffron flowers? And the Blue Monkey, what role does he play in this?

Part of the ancient frescoes found at Xeste 3 room, at the excavation at the archaelogical site of Akrotiri, Thira, these images speak of female goddesses performing a ritual of saffron flowers. It is believed that the crocus flower had healing powers and was used in a fertility ritual.

The details of the ritual may be lost in the centuries, but we can still feel connected to the desires and imagination of the peoples that once lived in the ancient civilisation at Akrotiri, Santorini.





Blue_Monkey_3 Blue_Monkey_4 AI_collage Blue_smoke Potnia_4

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