Stella Baraklianou


Contemporary Ceramics 
My work is a result of my Greek heritage and nod to ancient pottery and ceramics. It also contains contemporary references from my upbringing in Sydney, Australia as well as from living in Los Angeles. A result of travel, migration living in different places at different times, these works attest to constant change and ephemerality evident in the expressive gestural mark-making.
 There is no pre-designed sketch or mould to my vases.  I follow my intuition and allow the material to guide me. Each vase is made out of several layers of extruded coils, pressed in place by my hands or by smaller carving tools. This method allows for a slow hand-building process, one that deliberately invites interruptions, digressions and movement. It encloses the rhythm of a week. And a week is roughly how long each vase takes from start to finish.  Once finished, it is then bisque fired (first firing) and glazed  (second firing) with my own custom made glazes.
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Saffron_Goddess_1 Posey_37cmX25cmX22,5cm_2023 Rosey_31cmX24cm_2023_StellaB (1) Frothy_0773 Art_Athina_C5_1 Eileen_2023_GlazedStoneware_43X20X17cm_StellaBaraklianou Eileen_1_Art_Athina Blue_Monkey_3 Blue_Monkey_4 LULB 78-1 PAvillon_Chaud_2

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