Hear that?
Can you hear that?
Broken moon
The mirror
Belladonna plant that sings
Sting-rays in the desert
Can you hear that?
Gold that shimmers
Warm, yellow colour
Warm feelings
Cool thoughts
Surely you deal with the naughty one
Camera Obscura Perfect your process
Did you see?
Edible flowers they are laid out on my table
I picked them
High summer
I picked them last night
Wildly arranged
I squash those flowers
In my mouth
Time after time, unexposed photographs
Light – fire – laser cuts
Cut – cut- cut
The intimacy of talking with strangers
I like talking with strangers
Tarot readings and so forth
I like talking with strangers
Because through them I feel less lonely

I am interested in escapism and utopian spaces.
Through poetry, photography and installation as well as sometimes, performance, I mainly interact with objects as well as, with strangers.
Vulnerability and surrender to the intimacy of strangers is something that particularly intrigues me.
This process, I largely call 'constructing reversibles' and derives from working with reflective material.
Cool feelings - warm thoughts.
Perpetually changing
Establishing new links
Warm thoughts - cool feelings

Stella Baraklianou ©2017