Constructing reversibles:
The exploration of a particular reflective material, a gold/silver plastic film
has led me to conceive of my working methodology as constructing ‘reversibles’.

In many ways, I consider this method to be related to a ‘fieldwork’ of anthropologists: but what if the anthropologist was asking questions about how these objects 'feel'?
In this expanded field of anthropology, I constantly ask questions to the objects, but my tools are that of a reflective material.
The journey of working with found objects, sourced objects, plastic flowers, make-believe settings, and then enveloping them with the light cast from the reflector.
Brought back into the photographic studio, away from their natural environment, I seek to create for them a play that will allow them the centre stage, in order to become animated, to allow them to tell their story.
Casting warm or cool tones, objects become imbued with different sets of emotions.

Stella Baraklianou ©2017