Stella Baraklianou is a visual artist, interested in experimental processes at the intersections of photography and installation.
Her childhood memories of moving between continents, her homeland Greece and Australia, have influenced her practice. A desire for travel and constant relocation is characteristic of the a-temporality and lack of specific locality of her work. Utilising photography as well as gold reflectors, she creates temporary structures that construct a sense of escapism.
The spaces and installations are like sets of “reversibles:” the materiality suggests a playful set-up for daydreaming and fantasy. Her chosen objects, such as artificial décor, plastic flowers, souvenirs or owls on pianos, appear misplaced in their settings.
From memories of beach holidays to grand and decadent interiors, she is interested in reverie, fantasy and utopia.

In her research, sources range from literature, poetry, sci-fi, especially J. G. Ballard, as well as from art and artists groups and movements that have fostered ideals of utopian communities.